Breakdown of Gender Representation in the SBC

The following infographics display the proportion of men to women in the Student Bar Council (SBC).


There has been a decreasing number of women in the recent batches of NALSAR students which may be related to the lesser representation.Committee wise

Batch wise final

The SBC has also grown since two sections were introduced instead of only one, with 40 members in 2014, 48 members in 2015 and 56 members in 2016.


Srujana Bej and Amani Ponnaganti (Batch of 2019)

One comment

  1. Paaras

    The relatively less imbalanced gender ratio in the year 2014-15 may be correlated to the fact that a girl ran for president and / or the extensive talks during the Constitutional Review Committee which had centred around inadequate representation from a particular gender.

    I love what you people are doing, and look at this exercise with some wistfulness, for not being there anymore.


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